The vineyard Gentili produces and bottles wines since 1963. We have been producing wine from the grapes of our family farm, which is extended about 13 hectares, since 1990. The vineyards located at the bottom of Mount Cetona, on a height between 250 and 350 meters, are for 80% composed of cabernet, sauvignon, merlot and chardonnay and for the remaining percentage sangiovese, prugnolo gentile, colorino, malvasia del chianti and trebbiano toscano.

the entry of our Cantina in via dell'artigianato - Cantina Gentili

our sala di vinificazione

the barriques of the Cantina Gentili

the processing of the red grapes

the barricaia of Cantina Gentili

the harvest of the red sangiovese grapes for the Chanti wine

the selection of the grapes for our Vinsanto

Paolo Gentili and the grapes for the Vinsanto

the grapes for our Vinsanto